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The WANDERING BUDDHAS MOTORCYCLE CLUB (WBMC) is an international association, uniting bikers who support the cause of nomadic people, particularly Lakota and Tibetan, and whom ideals of freedom and peace of these people motivate their own way of life.


The WBMC defends mutual assistance, freedom of conscience and the equal respect of men, women, animals and nature rights. It organizes actions and participates to events for humanistic or ecologist purposes.


Full members of the WBMC join the association charter, based on buddhism philosophy,  Native American spirituality and bikers way of life.


The Wandering Buddhas are fans of mechanical wonders, but they rather put the emphasis on the spirit that guides them. This is why, beyond bikers, all people embracing the Club’s philosophy, whatever their means of locomotion - included on two legs, even amputees - can be possibly accepted as Support members. 

For the other categories, membership in the Club is not automatic. 

For more informations, or for an effective contribution to the WBMC’s activities, click here.     

Q & A

How to join the WBMC ?

The entrance fee (Supporter member) is €150 or US$ 175, the association receiving no other annual contribution. Then conditions of membership vary depending on the different categories or members. On the occasion of events organized by the Club, participants can be asked to contribute financially.  


What are the different categories of members ?

The different categories  of members are : 

     - Supporter : supporting member participating through his contribution, entitled to wear the Club’s T-Shirt.

    - Helper : full member participating to awareness actions, entitled to wear the Club’s set of patches.

    - Staff : full member participating to the Club organization.

    - Council : full member involved in the Club’s decisions. 

What are the conditions for acceptance of full members ?

The different statuts categories of full members depend on their involvement in the association, their actual participation to the Club’s activities, and after decision of the Council.  In short, the WBMC’s patch is worth it, and it is better to be in no hurry to get it.


« Motorcycle Club », isn’t it a gangsters thing ?

People should not think « Gang » when the see « Club ». The term « Motorcycle Club » has nothing pejorative, although it reflects a specific cultural and social signification for 1% of these clubs, historically associated to American gangs of bikers born after the second world war. These clubs add to their patches some specific badges and colors that help them to differentiate themselves from other groups (representing de facto 99% of the Motorcycle Clubs). Beyond the gregarious instinct, the common thread among all the M.C.’s in the world is the spirit of brotherhood that prevails between the bikers into one club, and the WBMC is no exception.

What does the WBMC’s logo represent, and why « Wandering Buddhas » ?

The term « Wandering Buddhas » recalls that we are just visitors on this planet, and that we all have potentially the gift of wisdom, even if very few realize it.

The WBMC’s logo reflects the three fundamental values of the Club: courage, wisdom and transgression. 

The feather headdress is a sacred symbols for Lakota people. So sacred is the picture of Dalaï Lama for Tibetan people. Far to be disrespectful, uniting these two symbols is a way to honor what they have in common : bravery, wisdom, and also the ability to overcome the difficulties of this world with a great sens of irony.  

Furthermore, placing these symbols on a motorcycle black jacket which is synonymous with rebellion relieve us of paying any allegiance to any ethnic or religious belief, included those linked to our own colors. The Wandering Bouddhas claim the right to blasphemy, the only indicator of true liberty.


What are the actions of WBMC ?

The WBMC’s activities can have different faces : festive, social, symbolic, humanitarian or activist. The nature of the actions undertaken depend on the cause being defended. 

Our two next projects are :

  • The Broken Treaty Tour (South Dakota, USA) : motorcycle tour going the way round the historical border of Sioux Lakota reservation allowed by the current treaties, that include the Badlands and the Black Hills. 

  • The Snow Lion Tour (India) : travelling healthcare mission among the exiled Tibetan population scattered throughout India (where also live Indian people, but nothing to do with Christopher Columbus).   


If you are a biker and/or a TCM practitioner and if you are interested by one of these projects, do not hesitate to contact us: .

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